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Simple Solution for Success

with infusion of Zen, discipline, and creativity of true Japanese and global perspectives in its backbone, we
partner with clients to lead & implement solutions for complex organizational challenges, and
inspire & accelerate your growth exponentially with our talented global team members.


GRIP:4 domains of business challenges

Growth (成長)  |  Risk (リスク)  |  Integration (統合)  |  Performance (生産性・output)


we passionately & intelligently support imperative growth engines of organizations - innovation, branding, marketing, & sales - through a unique combination of human-centered creative process & discipline to inspire co-creation of new values in the market


in the ever-changing market with accelerated speed of changes as well as increased complexity in dealing with uncertainties, it's imperative to keep organizations nimble and agile.  we support our clients in realizing the fast dynamic execution of strategies, enabling swift decision making while managing the risks in the turbulent world in which they operate in. 


no one operates in isolation in this highly connected digital economy.  optimizing long-term ROI requires seamless integration of people, processes, and technologies beyond the traditional boundary of a corporation.  we argument our clients with high degrees of integration skills and experiences in ever-expanding integration opportunities such as M&A, corporate alliances, technologies, & new product/services launches/startups. 


how might we attract, empower, align, & motivate talents to solve grand changes?  we work together with our clients in optimizing output and performance while keeping the team highly engaged to create sustainable values together.

global team


global consultant.  experiences include Berkshire Hathaway and other global multinationals as well as small startups.  jun covers all 4 GRIP domains.

In the area of innovation, he's worked with world-leading innovative organizations such as XPRIZE Foundation & Sony for design work.

jun is California CPA and holds other credentials such as PMP, CGEIT, & CISA.


experienced creator.  working with the creative leaders/designers such as Disney and Jon Jerde (famed architect) as a consultant to them.  as a caster, he has won an Emy Award.
multi-talented consultant, sam, has played many roles including US comptroller of the currency, journalist, author, and news reporter.

sam talks @ various venues and has taught @ world-class universities such as UCLA.

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retail specialist.  well versed in various areas of retail - retail location strategy, franchising, M&A.  michael has provided mission-critical site selection services to Starbucks, Best Buy, and other retail organizations.

he created the first specialty real estate agency/network in the US which revolutionalized the business model at the time.


branding consultant, best selling author, sought-after speaker, and award-winning designer of more than 20 awards.  

fabien has worked with a global brand like Adidas as well as various startups in silicon valley. he brings much-needed branding strategies to super-charge the organizations.


manish is a trusted advisor for technologies.
he balances speed, customization, and standardization while being cognizant of technology and cybersecurity risks.
he brings in ai, big data, and analytics to optimize ROI and effectiveness of organizations to achieve the business goals in the shortest possible time.

talents, integrity, discipline, creativity

our experienced advisors will lead you to success.

a top executive who lead 200,000 people professional service firm, creative who led the cutting edge innovation in media, global leaders who successfully grew businesses in different continents on the globe - all are our team members who are committed to lead your success with integrity. we are excited to team up to solve your grand challenges.

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